Friday, 15 February 2013

Qt upgrade

I've just installed Qt Creator 2.6.2 and Qt 5.

Right now, I have:
  • Qt Creator 2.5 + Qt 4.8 using mingw/gcc 4.7.2 (let's call it "my mingw"); and
  • Qt Creator 2.6.2 + Qt 5 using mingw/gcc 4.7.0 (let's call it "Qt Creator's mingw", since this is the mingw installed with Qt Creator 2.6.2).
My goal is to have Qt Creator 2.6.2 + Qt 5 using my mingw. But right now, I'm testing the default Qt 5 env with my existing libs, to make sure I understand what's going on during linking, especially concerning mingw's std libs.

For these tests, I'm using a new concept introduced in Qt Creator, called "Kit". Each kit defines an environment (compiler, debugger, and Qt version, among other options), and once you create a kit, you can then switch to Projects mode to add it and configure its build/run settings.

E.g., I can have a kit with Qt Creator's mingw and Qt 5, another kit with my mingw and Qt5, and another kit with my mingw and Qt 4.8 (my current stable env). Then, in Projects mode, I select a kit and build. Each kit builds to its own folder, which is perfect for this kind of tests.

I did find a couple of oddities:
  • The default kit used my mingw, instead of using Qt Creator's mingw.
  • I cloned the default kit and changed it to use Qt Creator's mingw. By default, the build config was Release. I changed it to Debug and built; and it placed the binaries on the Release folder. Then, I changed it back to Release and rebuilt; and it placed the binaries on the Debug folder. Bug?

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